Use The Fork, Luke: Star Wars Cookbooks Serve Up Recipes For Boba Fett-ucine, Qui-Gon Jinn-ger Snaps & More

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If there’s anything my kids love more than eating everything in the house, it has to be Star Wars. Now, thankfully, they can combine their two favorite pastimes with a couple of books we recently discovered (but Kathy first looked at a couple years ago): The Star Wars Cookbook and The Star Wars Cookbook 2.

The manuals are packed full of easy recipes – everything from breakfast to dinner, drinks to desserts – that are heavy on Star Wars puns (Hoth Chocolate) and easy on the difficulty level. These are recipes intended for kids and the menu and required skill levels are representative of that.

Each page is printed on coated paper stock, making cleanup of accidental spills a breeze and the book is spiral bound, so the book opens easily. Most recipes have a full-color photgraph of the finished menu item and many include an action figure interacting with the food in some way. The Star Wars Cookbooks make for a fun way to get kids interested in food and learn some skills in the kitchen.

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