Ergorapido Lets the Kids Vacuum Too

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Ergorapido VacuumErgorapido Vacuum

Ergorapido Vacuum

Our kids are always keen to get involved with the household chores – they are still young enough for it to be exciting. But there are a lot of them that they simply can’t do because of the equipment they need to use.

This Ergorapido vacuum is not only a well designed household gadget, but it also means the kids can join in with the vacuuming. There are no power lead issues and the whole thing is light enough for our six year old to use around her room.

I got my other half to review the Ergorapido recently:

It’s powerful enough to do a good clean of two floors of my house without running out of charge and I often give it to the kids to do their own bedroom floors – in exchange for pocket money of course. It is a fab dark purple color with sleek silver detailing, swish!

So far she really likes the Ergorapido, as do our kids:

This is a really nifty little vacuum cleaner, I rarely get the time to get the large vacuum out and do the whole house which is always frustrating – I hate messy carpets. I can just grab the Ergorapido and clean in a spare moment, which means I have more of that nice clean carpet feeling more of the time.

In fact I’ve realized that with the new mini dust buster attachment it will also be brilliant for cleaning the inside of the car as well. All round I know I’d miss the Ergorapido if I didn’t have it, it’s become an essential part of my household kit.

I look forward to seeing how well it stands up to hard use for a few months. But so far it is quickly becoming a permanent member of our family. It even gets chosen over video games sometimes.

For $100 from Amazon it is looking like good value too.

Wired: Cordless vacuuming the kids can do.

Tired: No dustbuster brush.

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