GeekDad’s Exclusive Rise of the Eldrazi Spoiler

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Image: Wizards of the CoastImage: Wizards of the Coast

Image: Wizards of the Coast

Once again, Wizards of the Coast has seen fit to bestow upon us an exclusive Magic: The Gathering spoiler card! This time it’s for their latest expansion set, Rise of the Eldrazi.

For thousands of years, Zendikar has had a reputation as a deathtrap. It’s been a world of deadly perils to Planeswalkers and native explorers, punishing any who seek to loot its hidden treasures and exploit its potent mana.

But unknown to the plane’s denizens, there’s a sinister reason for Zendikar’s danger: for millennia, the plane has served as a prison for the Eldrazi, astral monstrosities native to the Blind Eternities. Now, the perils facing adventurers on the plane of Zendikar have taken an even deadlier turn. The Eldrazi have been released.

Hailing from the Blind Eternities, the space between planes, the Eldrazi have transcended the colors of mana as we know them. As a result, the Eldrazi progenitors themselves and those closest to them are colorless. But don’t let the mana cost fool you—these Eldrazi are not artifacts.

And here it is…

EN MTGROE CardsT4_V5.inddEN MTGROE CardsT4_V5.indd

Holy cow, an 8-mana 1/1 critter with a game-ending power? What an awesome card! What do you think, readers?

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