Admiral Kirk as Commander-in-Chief of Canadian Forces?


Momentum continues to grow in the movement to nominate William Shatner as the next Governor General of Canada through a viral facebook campaign. While not an elected office (the Governor General is the Queen’s representative and will be chosen by Queen Elizabeth II, based on the advice of Prime Minister Stephen Harper), the Governor General is often a highly visible gig with swanky official digs and plenty of opportunity for spontaneous spoken word assaults. Although a largely ceremonial role, the Governor General does act as the Queen’s representative as Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Forces. If Canada ever finds itself under attack by Khan, having Admiral Kirk calling the shots might be an asset. However, any RCMP detail assigned to protect a theoretical Governor General Shatner might want to request a plain clothes option rather than the traditional red tunic -we know all too well what happens to those guys when Kirk is around… While very much a long shot to win the role, the odds that Shatner would choose to perform at his own appointment ceremony are considerably higher.

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