Geek A Week: It’s In The Cards

Image: Len PeraltaImage: Len Peralta

Image: Len Peralta

Cleveland artist Len Peralta has undertaken a challenge: Over the next year, he’s aiming to create a full set of trading cards featuring 52 influential geeks.

Four weeks into the Geek A Week project, Peralta’s already captured Jonathan Coulton as a zombie killer, armed Veronica Belmont God of War-style, turned cartoon creator Fred Seibert into a twisted superhero, and given science fiction author John Scalzi a tattoo he’ll never live down. Check out the gallery so far here, and make sure you pay extra attention to the cardbacks, with stats and notes provided by none other than Paul and Storm.

It’s an ambitious goal, but Peralta is clearly on familiar turf as the designer of pieces like the W00tstock poster, projects for Rifftrax, and Coulton’s official coloring and activity book.

The artist has posted his “need-’em-have-’em” list on the Geek A Week site, and regarding what’s coming next, he hinted, “all I’ll say about #5 is that if you are a fan of movies torn apart, you should be very happy with the installment.”

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