Get Ready For WolframAlpha Homework Day

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Image: WolframAlphaImage: WolframAlpha

Image: Wolfram Alpha

I’m digging how WolframAlpha, the hot n’ brainy new search computational knowledge engine, has decided to show off their chops by helping students with their homework.

We invite you to participate in this live event, bringing
together students, parents, and educators from across the country
to solve tough assignments and explore the power of using
WolframAlpha for K-12, college, and beyond. Segments throughout
the day will be tailored for specific age groups and show how
students and teachers are already using Wolfram|Alpha in the

There are plenty of ways for you to be a part of this
groundbreaking event. Please check out today’s WolframAlpha Blog post for details.

We hope you’ll mark your calendars and join us October 21 for Homework Day.

For more information, peep the Homework Day page.

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