It’s No Con: Leverage is Back for Season 2

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Image courtesy TNT.Image courtesy TNT.

Image courtesy TNT.

Leverage is just one of those shows. It’s pulp fiction (the style, not the movie) for those of us who grew up under the influence of the ’80s and above. So many of the elements are familiar: team of skilled outcasts brought together to help the helpless; caper-of-the-week; recurring villains out to stop our heroes and big corporate baddies who need to be taken down. But they are tied together in a fun, wink-and-nod package that hooks you early and keeps you coming back for more.

Have I also mentioned it’s a great show for geeks? If you like Psych! for it’s Reagan-era pop-culture references, you’ll LOVE Leverage for the geeky easter eggs that are dropped in every episode. At the very least, pay attention to the aliases they use each week. You’re sure to get a smile.

**Minor Spoilers from Season 1**

At the end of Leverage’s first 13-ep season, the team walked away on a high note. Money had been earned (conned), people helped taken. The four thieves had their booty, and the one honest man had his measures of revenge and solace. It almost seemed like they were done. Or were they?

**End Spoilers**

If season 1 was all about Nate Ford (Timothy Hutton), struggling to hold together the pack of lone wolves, it looks like season 2 will be about the team holding Nate together. In the season opener, no good deed goes unpunished when Nate’s selfless act of rescuing a young girl and her father from a car accident gets the team caught up in the scemes of mob bankers trying to defraud the government for bailout money. This time, it’s Nate who is ready to walk away, but it seems Hardison, Parker, Elliot and Sophie are all jonesing for another chance to do a good deed and they conspire to put the band back together.

Leverage fits in a certain post-L&O reationary class of shows, right along side of Burn Notice and Psych, that make watching TV fun again. Anyone who was a fan from years-gone-by of The A-Team, The Equalizer, The Pretender, or a bevvy of other “help the helpless” hour-longs, will feel right at home with Leverage. Indeed, if you fondly remember those shows from your youth, maybe you should watch Leverage with your kids for just the same kind of geek childhood experience.

Leverage Season 2 Premieres Wednesday, July 15th on TNT (check your local listings for times).

Leverage: The First Season is out today on DVD, the buying of which is the best way to support the show, says creator John Rogers.

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