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Do you love gaming but have trouble finding groups to play with? Thanks to Obsidian Portal and Pen & Paper Games, your lonely days may be over— now there’s a bigger pool to play in. With Obsidian Portal holding on as the leader in online Campaign Management and Pen & Paper Games being the number one site for finding new players and groups they really can’t go wrong.

pandpgamesgmappandpgamesgmapTeaming up and linking their sites together to form The Lonely Gamer Network, they have created something that I’ve long been waiting for. What this means is that participating Obsidian Portal Campaigns now show up in the Pen & Paper Games search results as well as allowing you to search for new players in Pen& Paper Games from within Obsidian Portal.

One of the best features coming from this team up is the maps. Obsidian Portal allows you to place your campaign on a Google Map, and this has been linked up with the Pen & Paper Games search results. Now when you search for players, the map appears, with all the campaigns listed on Obsidian Portal showing up under their own icon with links taking you directly to their campaign page.

So if you’re looking for a game or looking for new players this new tool will go a long way to filling your needs. Getting yourself set up is as simple as following the guidance on the relevant sites and it’s just as easy for existing campaigns to be included. For more information on how to do all that check out the news post on Pen & Paper Games. In addition, to celebrate the inauguration of the Lonely Gamer Network, Obsidian Portal is giving a bonus to anyone who signs up with the promo code “lonelygamer.”

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