Who Will He Choose – Betty Or Veronica?

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Image: Archie ComicsImage: Archie Comics

Image: Archie Comics

For nearly seventy years, Archie Andrews has run around Riverdale with his pals Jughead & Reggie, getting into trouble with Mr. Weatherbee, driving Betsy and chasing girls. Archie’s mostly been after two gals in particular, Betty and Veronica, but now the time has come for him to make a choice.

This week, Archie comics announced that the ginger headed goofball will be getting married. But to whom? It’s a choice for the ages, one that rivals the Ginger-Mary Ann hypothetical: Will Archie choose the glamorous but snobbish Veronica or the wholesome girl-next-door, Betty. The answer will be revealed, beginning with issue #600, in early August.

Early word is that the happy couple will be registered at the Riverdale Mall and Pop’s Choklit Shoppe.

(and yes, we know that grammatically, it should be “whom” rather than “who,” but Archie would never say “whom” so we decided to stick with the vernacular)

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