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There is a very long hallway on the MIT campus, the Infinite Corridor, that is aligned with the sun at certain times of the year, in mid-November and late January. I can only imagine the excitement of standing in that long hallway and seeing the sun reach the entire length of it.

As one would expect, the corridor is also aligned with the moon from time to time. One of those times is this Saturday, April 18th, at 12:39:50 PM EDT. Since this is during the day, and the moon will only be 39% full, it will be a real challenge to spot it (especially from far down the corridor). For those of you in the general area of MIT, give it a try! Let us know if you were successful.

You can get more information or check out alignment times at the MIThenge site (for sun alignments only) and also at the Futureboy site (run by a good friend of mine) for sun and moon alignments, plus plenty of other useful information.

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