Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird … It’s a Plane … It’s a Birthday Party Invitation?

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book_blurredbook_blurredWith three kids, it seems like we’re going to a birthday party darn near every weekend. So, our mailbox has held a fair share of invitations — from fill-in-the-blank postcards given away by the local pizza restaurant to custom backstage passes for creative theme parties. By now, I thought I’d seen some really innovative invitations.

But then, Egba Originals decided to up the ante. The Los Angeles-based company specializes in making unique invitations. Whether it’s a working Thomas the Train-type boxcar or a replica regatta model, Egba knows how to turn it into an invite.

“Basically, anything can be an invitation,” says Mo Taxon, Creative Director at Egba Originals. “Right now we’re trying to figure out how to turn an R/C car into a cost-effective invitation.”

Egba is capable of lots of things – trains, boats and cars – but the product that caught our eye is the custom comic invitation. Send them a photo of your child and they’ll develop a 4-page (or more) comic invitation with your son or daughter as the book’s hero. “Everything is done from scratch,” says Taxon, “so – just like a real comic book – we do pen & ink sketches first and get sign-off from the client before moving on to color.”

They can turn your child into anything from anime to a Marvel-type superhero. On the back cover, customers have opted for traditional invitation information or old-school X-ray goggle ads. As a finishing touch, the invitations can be bagged & boarded just like the real thing. At a cost of $15-25 each and a minimum order of 30, they are a big birthday gift in themselves. But, be honest. If you’d had your own comic book (even just an invitation) when you were a kid, you’d still be talking about it.

Via Cool Mom Picks & @Sounds Eclectic

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