LEGO “Classic Space” Sets Still Out of This World 30 Years Later

Geek Culture

Between 1979 and 1987 LEGO put out a family of kits called Legoland Space. The series included space ships, vehicles, lunar bases, even a monorail. 30 years later, LEGO fans have set up a site to celebrate the retro-cool of those sets, called Neo Classic Space.

Neo Classic Space (sometimes also called Classic Space 2.0) is an attempt to recreate the excitement of those early years. LEGO fans around the world have built new models, borrowing the style and colour schemes of those early sets, but using newer parts and building techniques to add more detail and realism.

March 2009 sees the 30th anniversary of Legoland Space, so to celebrate we are running a special event for the month of March. We’ve asked some fantastic LEGO builders from around the world to create commemerative models. Each day in March we plan to present a new model.
The response so far has been amazing, and we have some fantastic models coming up during the month.

They’re just past halfway through the celebration, and there are some wonderful builds on the site. My favorite may be the LEGO recreation of the starfighter from the Buck Rogers TV show.

(thanks to reader James Shields for passing this on to us)

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