Field Guides for Young Explorers

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InsectfieldguideInsectfieldguideWith spring nearly upon its time to kick the kids out the door and remind them that there’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered.  When you do send them off tho,  make sure they leave prepared.  The Audubon Society  makes a series of field guides that are the perfect accompaniment for the curious young explorer. 

Whether astronomy
, petrology
or mycology, it doesn’t matter what you or your geeklets are into; we’ve got you covered.  In the case of biology, the guides are generally broken up by animal kingdom, and then again by region.  Some guides take a different tack by focusing on the region itself rather than on specific aspect of scientific inquiry.  So if you happened to be a West Coaster, you could pick up a copy of the Field Guide to California

These books are not heavy on details, but offer just enough information to peak interest.  There’s no lengthy text descriptions to slog through while you try to figure out if you have stumbled upon a salamander or a newt.  The photos are grouped together separate from the description making for quick perusal.  The guides are well put together and can take a beating whilst being shoved into knapsacks for a days travel.  I still have copies laying around from when I was wee lad.  Additionally, the books are small enough that the youngins won’t have to lug around a collection that weighs as much as they do.

The bottom line is these guides are a great way to get your kids interested in the natural world. No matter which one you pick up, it will be money well spent.  Have any other books to add to the adventurer’s library? Let us know!

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