Like CSI, But for Sharks

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Now we get to feel just like Richard Dreyfuss. Set your timers for tonight’s webcast of the Auckland Museum’s dissection of a Great White Shark (2:00 pm NZ time; 8:00 pm EST). The process is taking place about two hours prior to its availability on the web. The Great White is a protected species in New Zealand and is often the subject of study when the opportunity arises.

“This is a rare opportunity for people to get a close look at a Great White, and to see how scientists find out more about the complexities of the natural world through their research,” says Dr. Trnski….

The operation will examine the shark’s stomach contents, take measurements of internal organs, as well as investigating the gills and removing the jaws.

This could be a great chance to see the kinds of bits they always seem to edit out of the nature shows… But let’s hope that Kitchner boy doesn’t spill out all over the dock!

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