art machines: I want a “Sub-Sonic Dissidence Propulsion Device”

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DissidencedviceDissidencedviceGareth Branwyn over at Make drew our attention to this web site: art machines.

Hardly a surprise, given the name of the site, art machines boasts a growing collection of machine-inspired artwork as well as some very cool and elaborate/diabolical machines.  And they’ve got robots too.  From the most recent post, this is a photo of sculptor Kris Kuski‘s "Sub-Sonic Dissidence Propulsion Device."  I’m not sure how big that piece actually is, but I’m pretty sure I could make room for it on my desk…  I’d probably even go so far as to kick the speakers down to the floor if that’s what was needed.  Besides the photos, posts and multimedia, there’s an impressive list of links to various artists and related sites- I could probably spend the rest of the afternoon browsing through this stuff.

Just so you don’t get the idea that it’s all elaborate, steampunk-esque war machines, here’s another one that caught my eye: Douglas Irving Repetto‘s "Distributed Squirrel Cage for Parallel Processing."  Check it out if you’ve got a few minutes to kill. 

via Make.


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