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Yesterday, GeekDad Don put up the plaintive thought "I’d love to see a high school physics curriculum based around humorous YouBube videos."  Well, while it might not yet be officially sanctioned curriculum anywhere, Wired Science has already compiled many of the best lessons to be found online for science education.  From our friend Aaron Rowe:

Top 10 Chemistry, Biology, and Physics Videos

The best way to teach science is with hands-on experiments, but short
video clips are a terrific way to get students excited and teach
concepts that are hard to illustrate on a chalkboard. Over the past
year, Wired Science has compiled a list of the very best science
videos from chemistry, physics, and biology. They can be used as a
supplement for science classes of any grade level.

In the coming years, as more content makes its way to YouTube and
Flickr, it should be possible to find a video clip or set of slides to
complement any lesson — regardless of the topic. For now, these clips
are a good start.

Top 10 Chemistry Videos
Topics: Thermite vs. Liquid Nitrogen, Gummy Bear Oxidized by Potassium
Chlorate, German Scientist Spits Flaming Spores, The PCR Song, The
Undulating Briggs Rauscher Reaction, How to Make Stalagmites
Instantly, Elephant Toothpaste, How to Make Glow Sticks, The Inner
Life of a Cell, Magnesium Burning Between Bricks of Dry Ice

Top 10 Physics Videos
Topics: Musical Tesla Coil, Mythbusters Play with Sulfur Hexafluoride,
Boomerang in Zero Gravity, Helium Superfluid, Supersonic Halo, Sound
Waves on Fire, Water in Zero Gravity, Ferrofluids, How Superconducting
Levitation Works, Large Hadron Collider Rap

Top 10 Biology Videos
Topics: Immune Cell Chasing a Bacterium, How High Speed Gene
Sequencing Works, Shrimp Jogging on a Treadmill, All About the Heart,
The PCR Song, Glowing Mice and Stem Cells, DNA Oragami, Cyborg Monkey
Controls Robot Arm, Evolution and Human Ancestry, Building Body Parts
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