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Okay – admit it – you get the entire tribe into the Family
Truckster and you do stuff unique to your family.  One of the things we do is try to guess the lowest temperature we’ll see on the way to a destination – typically on the way to church on Sunday mornings.  Sometimes when you win – you really don’t want to.

This past weekend was the first time this season that we decided to play as we headed to church .  It was a cold, cold morning here in Wisconsin.  I’m (nearly) always the first one up – even on weekends – so I checked the temperature… 2 degrees F.  Wow.  Really cold for this time of year.

So, we’re pulling out of the garage on our way to church and I ask
“how cold will it be by the time we park at church?”

  • The GeekTeen says 16

  • The other kids chime in with 10, 8, and 7.

  • The GeekMom says 2

  • The GeekDad (*cough* former meteorologist *cough*) says ZERO

The GeekTeen was out of the game by the time we hit the end of the driveway…the other three kids by the time we exited the sub-division.  The GeekMom…about a mile from the house.  Because in the garage, the temperature is much warmer.

It was zero degrees by the time we got to church – so it’s the
GeekDad FTW!  (but is this really a contest I wanted to be the victor??)  I ended up dropping off the tribe at the door and hoofing it
(in zero degree weather, thank you) from the parking lot…so I won…but in some ways I lost…

What goofy games do you play in your Family
with the entire crew?

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