GeekDad Puzzle of the Week: An AUSM Holiday – Solution

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AusmAusmCongrats to Peter Colpaert who successfully seats the heroes and keeps them from frying one another. He also gets a $50 gift code to
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The heroes of the Affiliation of Unbelievably Superpowered
Metahumans (AUSM) are organizing their holiday luncheon. Alphaman,
Betadude, Gammagal, Deltakid, and Epsilonimo are trying to determine seating arrangements around their circular meeting table. The table’s intent is to make all heroes equal in one anothers’ eyes but, nevertheless, the activities devolve into arguments over who should sit where. Gammagal takes charge of the situation and suggests that no two heroes, the initial letters of whose names were next to each other in the (Greek) alphabet, should be next to each other at the table.
Gammagal had Epsilonimo’s partner sitting on her right.

Where is everyone sitting relative to Gammagal?

Gammagal cannot have Betadude or Deltakid sitting next to her because of the rule. Therefore, Gammagal has Alphaman and Epsilonimo next to her. But E is not on G’s right, E’s partner is. A is on G’s right and E on her left. A cannot have B on his right, he must have D, and B is on E’s left. As follows:


The five heroes enjoy their luncheon and no one gets blasted.

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