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Children playing Paperboy on an Amstrad CPC 46...Children playing Paperboy on an Amstrad CPC 46...Image via WikipediaTo become a GeekDad or GeekMom, one must first find a partner willing to put up with the… quirks of living with a geek.  Jessica Merritt over at the Soul Mating blog has just posted a very long (50 items!) and detailed list of the reasons why dating (and hopefully ultimately marrying) a geek is a really good thing:

Dating a geek means opening up a whole world of awesome technological abilities.

  1. A geek can fix your computer: If you’ve managed to screw something up on your computer, your geek will be happy to come to your rescue, and will probably find a solution that will ensure you won’t have the same problem again.
  2. Geeks can make your electronic life easier: Beyond computers, geeks can fix or improve upon your gadgets, home entertainment system, and any other electronic needs you have.
  3. You’ll have the most awesome home entertainment center ever: Geeks have great gadgets, so they usually have TVs, DVD players, and entertainment servers with loads of cool features.
  4. You’ll have awesome gadgets: Geeks love to share their passion for gadgets and geek toys, so you may just get a new smart phone for Valentine’s day.
  5. They can find you good deals: Geeks make for expert online bargain hunters, so you can always turn to them for help finding the best price for a big purchase.

Go check out the post for the other 45 reasons!

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