Geeky Costume Ideas for Halloween

Hacking the Holidays

For the GeekParents and other adults reading us, we know it’s always a challenge to come up with something fun and different when you get invited to a Halloween costume party.  You know you have to express your inner geek to the fullest extent, but perhaps you don’t have the time to build a fully-functional R2-D2 that you could fit inside and serve drinks from.  So here are some suggestions for cool costumes that your fellow geeks will appreciate, and which may not take too much work to pull off on your part.

  • BaltarBaltar
    Baltar from Battlestar Galactica.  Go for the pre-reformation period.  Dress in a slick suit and sport a bit of stubble (guys more than girls).  Always have a drink in one hand, a book with the corners cut off in the other, and spend the whole night acting like you’re talking with/being-hit-by someone who is not visible.
  • Tony Stark from Ironman.  Pretty much the same costume as Baltar, sans book and imaginary friend, but pick up one of those battery-powered puck-lights from the hardware store and tape it to your chest underneath your shirt.
  • Milton Waddams from Office Space.  Dress up in bad work-attire.  Carry a red Slingline stapler with you, protecting it like it was your firstborn child.  Mumble "I could set the building on fire" under your breath.
  • LegominifigcostumeLegominifigcostume
    LEGO Minifig.  This one takes a bit more work, but with some cardboard and plenty of bright yellow paint, you’ll be the biggest "stud" at the party.
  • Doc Brown from Back to the Future.  Get some spray-on white for your hair, a lab coat and a pair of welder’s goggles.  If you really want to do it right, pick up a white Cuisinart coffee grinder and use a label maker to put "Mr. Fusion" on the side.
  • Ash from Army of Darkness.  Blue denim shirt and tan cargo/work-pants for the clothes.  Get a small electric chainsaw (trust me, they’re lighter) and mod the handle so it Ash_pff_01Ash_pff_01looks like it is mounted to you right arm.  "Boom stick" for you left hand is optional.  Key lines: "Gimmie some surgar, baby!" and "Shop smart: shop S-Mart."
  • Hiro Nakamura from Heroes.  Dress slightly nerdy, carry a samurai sword and, in classic time-traveler fashion, walk around urgently asking everyone "what’s the date?!?"  When they answer, say
    "Good! Then there’s still time!"
  • Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog.  This one is as easy as pie.  Pick up one of these shirts, at Jinx (or make it yourself).  Get yourself some welders’ gloves.  Act like a jerk, and sing about yourself a lot.1298p_0c_zoomb1298p_0c_zoomb

Anyone have any more easy geeky costume ideas? Leave them in the comments, thanks!

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