Spiffing Your Lids

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6a00d83451647b69e200e55387f014883356a00d83451647b69e200e55387f01488335 Hey, you…got a ballcap?

Silly question, I know. Geeks seem to accumulate ballcaps the way that space under the bed accumulates dust mice — caps from work, caps from gear manufacturers, caps from geeky conferences or events, and on and on and on. After time, the caps are about as attractive as the dust, too.

Sweat, grease, garden dirt and all manner of assorted grime accumulates on caps from, it sometimes, seems, out of nowhere. Washing them is a pain, because clothes washers beat them completely out of shape and eventually destroy them. Fortunately, Danny Seo has a solution.

Geeks everywhere tip their ballcaps to you, Danny!

(cap tip to CRAFT)

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