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Another week, and here are some more nifty images added to the GeekDad Flickr Group by all the great folks out there.  Please, if you like what you see here, considering leaving comments on the images, and joining the group yourself!

Doesn’t every new GeekDad say something like this to their kid at some point?

Lucas and DaddyLucas and Daddy

Nothing cute to say here.  Nice picture of a bad situation.  Plus, it hits home since I was there at the convention center just a few weeks ago for the ISEF.

Steampunk Atlanta 26Steampunk Atlanta 26

I don’t understand: where’s the iPod dock?


O hai gma! Plz snd blnkie n wrm mlk? KTHXBAI!

Phoning GranPhoning Gran

Zemanta PixieZemanta Pixie
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