More (Geeky) Rock Band DLC on the Way

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2658557376_3fb77439792658557376_3fb7743979 In October of 2007, gamers and geek music connoisseurs alike marveled at Jonathan Coulton’s "Still Alive," a track that served as the closing theme for Valve’s ridiculously successful Portal. This April, we released a collective gasp of nerd glee when that same song appeared as downloadable content for another GeekDad gaming staple, Rock Band.

And then we waited. Patiently.

Well, the wait is over, my geeky cohorts, as MC Frontalot announced on-stage at Nerdapalooza earlier this month that his musical mediation on web comic Achewood, "Livin’ at the Corner of Dude & Catastrophe," would also be made available as Rock Band DLC later this year. A release date was not specified, but for fans of Front – a fellow who’s no stranger to hearing his music in videogames – it’s quite a boon.

Should Harmonix continue this newly established tradition of including tracks from independent, geeky musicians in their titles, what songs and artists would you like to see pop up?

My answer is 6 staggering words: The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.

Photo by Denika Robbins

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