LEGO General Grievous Revisited

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I first noted the release of LEGO’s Ultimate General Grievous back in May (it made our GeekDad Father’s Day Gift Guide as well).  I took some flack at the time for referring to Grievous as “cool”; apparently there are those who feel anything outside of the original Star Wars flicks cannot possibly deserve that label.  I refused a retraction. 

My wife apparently read that post as well, because when I recently celebrated my birthday, she and the kids surprised me with none other than old wheezy himself!  1085 shiny pieces of Star Wars collectible goodness.  I had a little help putting it together from Aidan; the piles of tiny pieces scared John away and Tasha sauntered by a few times, but declared it to be a “boys” thing.  Speaking of those tiny pieces, this really is a fairly advanced set; I wouldn’t recommend it for young kids (the box suggests 14+).  I actually had a tough time in a few spots just because things do fit together so tightly and I have largish hands.  But after half a day or so, he was done and is now proudly displayed in my office, guarding my computer.

Grievous is pretty big- about a foot and a half tall- but feels a little shaky.  I’m keeping the instructions in my desk in case one of the cats decides to tangle with him.  But this thing definitely is cool.  And LEGO organs?  Pretty gross…

More pics after the jump.

The Unboxing

My Helper

Half Finished/ Nice Legs…


One Of The Gang

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