Gun Control for Kids?

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NerfvulcanNerfvulcan Nerf is unleashing the ultimate Nerf weapon, the Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25.  A battery operated belt fed fully automatic Nerf gun.  I’m sensing an arms escalation race in the office soon.  I don’t expect I’ll be bringing this one home.

My wife and I share significantly different views on the ethics of toy guns.  Personally I don’t see any harm in playing army, cops/robbers, or even hunter vs Bambi.  Boys will be boys, and any stick or pole they pick up becomes a gun, complete with pew pew noises.  Is it that much of a stretch to step up to a totally unrealistic looking chain fed machine gun that shoots soft foam darts?

The Mommy however is adamant that guns are not toys and should only be used for their intended purpose, hunting or defense, and that toy guns are not toys by association.

I agree that guns are not toys, but I also believe that toys are not guns.  For safety reasons I don’t think toy guns should be too realistic, but I have no issues with the wildly colored soft dart shooting Nerf line.  Just be responsible and teach your child when it is appropriate to use them, understand

Weigh in below with your options.  I’m curious how the rest of the GeekDad community feels on this issue.

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