Bunnies: Cute, But Not So Smart…

Geek Culture

GeekDad isn’t so big on the cutesy photo posts, but I’m sorry, I had to throw this one up.

Proving that rabbits are not horribly high on the animal intelligence scale, we had one dig a burrow and give birth to a litter right outside our back door, beneath one of my wife’s flowering shrubs. This is in a fully fenced back yard that’s home to three very active kids and a pair of large dogs- the “Danger” sign must be practically neon. Like I said, not so smart. But cute. Here’s one of the little guys looking around.

Watching them through the playroom window (which is on ground level and looks out on the burrow), kept the kids busy for hours. Our poor dogs had to get used to being on leashes in their own yard, which, based on their reaction to this turn of events, is probably humiliating.

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