What, you may ask, is a Beeblebear?

Geek Culture

This morning I was scrolling my RSS feeds, when what should appear from BoingBoing but a link to ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, the Douglas Adams fan club, and their fantastic Beeblebears. That’s right…teddy bears with two heads, three eyes (plus a patch), three arms, and very possibly a surly, drunken disposition. It was an apt find, because I’d been thinking of ways to introduce young E to Adams before she’s actually old enough to read it herself and appreciate it.

That I think these are cool enough to order one is odd, because I don’t normally go for toy tie-ins to books or movies. Beeblebears, though, seem less about commercialism than inspired creativity, so why not? Any other Geekdad readers have suggestions for this kind of thing? Toys or non-media items that sort of open a door to our favorite books or movies?

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