No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This Lovely Sofa

Geek Culture

I just wanted to share this with the GeekDad community.  This is my Nauga.  He is well over 30 years-old now, and still in fine health.  He eats very little, and greets me every day with a smile.  He has never shed his hide for me, as I was told he would when I adopted him.  As such, I do not at this time have any furniture in my home made of Naugahyde.  Perhaps this is for the best.

Okay, the straight story is that this charming toy was (and is still) part of the P.R. campaign behind one of the most popular brands of pleather (fake leather) on the market – Naugahyde.  My grandfather worked for Uniroyal, the company that invented Naugahyde, and I received one of these promotional toys when I was a child.  I have to say that the material is still in great shape after all these years.

You can purchase the modern incarnation of these little guys from the Naugahyde website.

So, GeekDads, anyone else have any cool childrens toys you’ve held onto, or even passed on to your kids?  Tell us!  Better yet, add the pictures to the GeekDad Flickr Group.

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