Kids Day at New York Comic Con


For those of you lucky enough to be attending the New York Comic Con this weekend, Kids Day offers lots of great fun for both daring GeekDads and their sidekicks. Err, I mean kids.

"Remember when comics were only an nickel and read by kids? No? Really?
Well, while comics have grown up and so have their fans, there was a time long ago when all a kid could think of was whether they wanted to spend their allowance on the new Spider-Man or Batman. To rekindle kids’ fascination with comic books and also showcase all the benefits of having a young comic collector in the family, New York Comic Con is proud to present Kids Day on Sunday, April 20!"

The events look super cool. There are a bunch of workshops on cartooning and character creation, with advanced classes for the older crowd. Create your own superhero or supervillain, and learn what goes into a finished comic book.

There’s also a whole host of great activities planned for up on stage, including a Choose Your Own Adventure style comic drawing session, comic book trivia, lightsaber training (can you bring your own?), and something called the Comics Jam:

"A lucky, few budding artists will join some comics legends to draw a comic book live on stage."

Lucky indeed! Maybe they’ll let GeekDads on stage to draw, too. We can only hope.

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