Daily LEGO: Building the Better Mousetrap

Geek Culture

On his website, True Dimensions, LEGO hacker Jason Alleman shows off the very cool, completely functional, LEGO mousetrap he built.

Sometime in 2002 I had a mouse rooting around the house and set about building a live trap using
LEGO to catch it. It sort of worked. The mouse triggered it once but managed to escape.
It then decided to leave of it’s own accord before I had a chance to improve the design.

A little more tinkering, and Jason ended up with the model you see here, that successfully caught two errant mice in this kitchen (who were humanely released in a field).  Now, I know I’ve got at least one mouse living under the refrigerator in the garage.  Maybe this will be the guilt-free solution I’ve been looking for.  Bravo, sir!

Link to True Dimensions.

Found via The Brothers Brick.

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