Blik Wall Decals Let You Decorate With Abandon

Geek Culture

When it came time to decorate our newborn’s room, the wife and I were faced with a couple of issues. First of all, we were renting, and the idea of painting over a carefully crafted mural was heartbreaking. Second, a big DIY project seemed like the last thing to pile on our already-overflowing plate.

If only we had known about blik. Dubbed "wall graphics for the commitment phobic," these are removable decals that stick to walls.

They’re really cool, vivid, imaginative stickers for your own decorative designs. They’re all fine for all ages, but a few are particular kid-centric. Giant Robot and I AM 8-BIT caught my eye immediately, and I know that Dino would strike the geeklet’s fancy. You can also make your own custom decals, and many of the sets are not only removable but reusable.

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