Smash Up Expansion: Science Fiction Double Feature

Smash Up Sci Fi Expansion

Since the first time my robot dinosaurs systematically devoured my son’s zombie wizards, quickly followed by his robot tricksters eradicating my pirate ninjas, I’ve been a fan of Smash Up. When I heard there were going to be Cyborg Apes in the Science Fiction Double Feature Expansion, I really couldn’t resist. Cyborg Apes, people! What am I, made of stone? Continue reading

Scares Abound in Part Two of TableTop’s Betrayal at House on the Hill


Wil is once again the traitor, as he and his friends complete the game Betrayal at House on the Hill in this episode of TableTop. But can Wil win again? Watch and find out! Continue reading

Celebrate Wil Wheaton’s 41st Birthday: Non Esse A Verpum!


Every year we wish awesome geek actor/writer/gamer Wil Wheaton a happy birthday. Today is his 41st birthday, even if he’s only 29 in hexadecimal (personally, I enjoyed turning 42). We always wish we could get just the right gift for him, but what do you get for the geek who has everything? Continue reading

TableTop Finally Plays a Deck-Building Game with the Totally Awesome Smash Up


Wil and friends take on “the shufflebuilding game of total awesomeness”, Smash Up, in this episode of Geek& Sundry’s TableTop. Ninjas, robots, wizards, pirates, and more do battle in this hilarious episode of the tabletop game show. Continue reading