Geek Camp: Finish Day

Geek Camp Finish Day

Finish Day is an event where designers, coders and startup types come together and spend the day helping each other finish their projects. Geek Camp held our own Finish Day, resulting in over a dozen video projects. This is a report from the field. Continue reading

Crossover Cartoon Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel to Premiere August 16


Since Disney first announced its intention to buy Marvel Entertainment nearly four years ago, fans of properties on both sides have been speculating about what form the first crossover would take, and how long it would take to happen. Last July, it was announced that the event would feature four Marvel superheroes visiting the universe of Phineas and Ferb, and today Disney has announced when it will premiere on Disney Channel and Disney XD.
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The Muppet Movie Is Coming to Blu-ray in Time for Its (Nearly) 35th Anniversary


I can almost hear Kermit’s banjo begin to play as he starts singing “Rainbow Connection,” can almost see the giant metal fork in the road, can almost feel myself getting a bit misty-eyed as Gonzo sings “I’m Going to Go Back There Someday.” Yes, The Muppet Movie, the 1979 classic that’s one of my favorite movies ever, is finally coming out on Blu-ray. Continue reading

Tabletop Takes on Zombies and Dragons and Sharks (Oh, My!)

In this episode, host Wil Wheaton and his guests Rod Rodenberry , Freddie Wong, and Ryan Higa play three fast-play favorites. First up is Tsuro, a tile-laying game has the players assuming the roles of flying dragons and trying to … Continue reading

The Avengers – Hollywood Press Conference Videos, Plus a Giveaway! (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)

Two weeks ago, I had the great privilege of seeing The Avengers at its world premiere in Hollywood, and of attending the film’s press conferences the following day. As I’m forbidden from publishing my review of the movie until Monday … Continue reading

Platypus Day Is Here — Have You Learned the Walk Yet? (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)

So, what are your plans to celebrate Platypus Day? It’s happening today, so I hope you’ve been practicing your Platypus Walk. What am I talking about? Well, last year Disney inaugurated Platypus Day, and would seem to have decided it … Continue reading