Check Out the Nintendo World Pokémon Series Showcase

Pokémon Series Showcase

Over the weekend I finally managed to sneak in enough playtime to defeat the Elite Four in Pokémon Y and claim my rightful place as the Pokémon League Champion. In-between a few rounds of multiplayer battle and some Pokémon trading — we had to evolve those Haunters — the kids and I also took a few minutes to check out this great series retrospective from Nintendo. Continue reading

How to Raise Good Geeks

How to Raise Good Geeks

Being called a geek used to be an insult, but we all know it as a badge of honor. Fostering geekiness, however, often has to be an intentional choice to get out of the way of our innate joy of learning. Here are eleven things to consider with your own young geeks.
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Headphones Cut the Rug


I’m in love with my new Zinken headphones. They’ve got some of the best frequency range I’ve ever heard with the kind of bass you’d expect in headphones 10x the weight of these lightweights. Plus, if a call comes in, I can stop the music and speak right through the mic on the cable. Oh, and speaking of cable, for all your DJs, this one is reversible. 1/8 and 1/4 jacks. Saweet. Continue reading

Video: SpaceX’s Grasshopper Makes Vertical Takeoff, Vertical Landing a Reality


SpaceX, the private space transport company founded and run by Elon Musk, has made yet another advance: rockets that not only don’t burn up in the atmosphere on the way down, but are actually capable of landing vertically on the exact spot from which they took off. Continue reading

Geek Camp: Alka Seltzer and Frickin’ Laser Beams

Geek Camp Logo

Days 3 and 4 of our family Geek Camp included a trip to a nearby hackerspace and playtesting a water tag game. This is a report from the field. Continue reading

Geek Camp: Peeta and Petaflops

IU Wall

The second day of Geek Camp is in the books. With 15 campers, three pets and at least one bum knee to manage this week, our carefully crafted schedule became more of a Disneyland map than a flight plan. Yet to come is a hacker space, comic book day, and a game involving alka seltzer and duct tape. In the meantime, here’s a report from the field. Continue reading