Sesame Street Makes a Really Sweet Star Wars Parody


This is just brilliant. Even if the rest of it weren’t also great, it would be worth watching this just for the Yoda – er, Groda – part. Trust me, it’s five minutes of your life you won’t regret spending. Continue reading

Toyota Targets Geeky Families With New 2015 Sienna Video Ad


For the launch of the new 2015 model Sienna minivan, Toyota has worked with well-known Internet video personalities to produce a series of soft-sell online ads. The first two have been released, and one is aimed straight at geek families, and geek dads in specific. Continue reading

How to Be a Father and a Filmmaker: Interview with Jeff Stern, Director of The Morning of Everything


The Morning of Everything is a new film about a father losing himself in the world of childrearing, and the three-year-old son who must journey through a treacherous adult world of fun-house encounters in search of his lost owl, eventually helping the dad find himself again. We speak to filmmaker Jeff Stern about the struggle to be a father and a filmmaker, or any creative person. Continue reading

Check Out the Nintendo World Pokémon Series Showcase

Pokémon Series Showcase

Over the weekend I finally managed to sneak in enough playtime to defeat the Elite Four in Pokémon Y and claim my rightful place as the Pokémon League Champion. In-between a few rounds of multiplayer battle and some Pokémon trading — we had to evolve those Haunters — the kids and I also took a few minutes to check out this great series retrospective from Nintendo. Continue reading

How to Raise Good Geeks

How to Raise Good Geeks

Being called a geek used to be an insult, but we all know it as a badge of honor. Fostering geekiness, however, often has to be an intentional choice to get out of the way of our innate joy of learning. Here are eleven things to consider with your own young geeks.
Continue reading

Nuclear Bubble Wrap Brings Us “Hulkulele”


One of the many major announcements coming out of last week’s San Diego Comic-Con concerned the Avengers sequel — tellingly entitled Avengers: Age of Ultron. Of course the biggest news in the franchise was largely ignored by the general public. Continue reading