Royal Canadian Mint Releases Superman 75th Anniversary Coin Sets

Superman Preview

The Royal Canadian Mint has been knocking out the collectible goodies. The Mint has released glow-in-the-dark dinosaur coins, Bald Eagles (stepping on someone else’s turf there), hologram coins, full color depictions of the Northern Lights and even a snowflake embedded with a crystal. In perhaps its greatest pop culture effort to date, the Mint recently released a set of seven Superman coins, in celebration of the Man of Steel’s 75th Anniversary. Continue reading

Geek Culture Explodes Into Pop Culture at San Diego Comic-Con 2013


The 2013 San-Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, but not without another huge slate of pop-culture entertainment news and revelations. And cosplay. Continue reading

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special a Must-Own for Fans

RCDC Special, Courtesy of Cartoon Network

Whether it’s Mad Magazine, Saturday Night Live, Family Guy, or one of the million-plus web comics out there, I love, love, love me some parody. So, naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to review a copy of the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special. Seriously. Jumped. Before I popped in the disc, I had only seen season three, in its entirety, along with the occasional, random episode. I already loved the Robot Chicken sense of humor and figured there wasn’t much to improve upon. Then, I heard of the DC Comics parody special, which originally aired on Adult Swim, back on September 9, 2012. Sure, a parody is always good for laughs, but it’s that much sweeter, whenever the audience is in on the in-jokes. As a life-long DC Comics fan, with way more trivial knowledge under my Batman-logoed cap than is purely healthy, I was definitely digging it. Continue reading

11 Geeky Choices for Independence Day Video Entertainment


It’s Independence Day in the United States of America, so patriotism is in the air. In case you feel that the urge to be patriotic conflicts with your usual urge to be geeky, we’re here to help.
Continue reading

Review: Man of Steel Novelization


have generally found that novelizations are the exception to the general rule that novels are better than movies. Where a movie screenplay is the original source material, the novel can feel thin and hurried–lacking in the depth of thought and characterization that goes into good original novels. Thus when I was asked to review the Man of Steel novelization, I agreed with low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. Continue reading

MythBusters‘ Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman on Superman, Shaving, and Stuff You Can Try at Home


In the final chat in a series of interviews with the theorists on how Superman shaves, we sit down and talk with two of the MythBusters, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, about the Large Hadron Collider, lawnmowers, and jazz improvisation. Continue reading

Why Man of Steel Should Not Be Batman With Superpowers


Like every comic book geek I know, I am hugely excited for the new Superman movie, Man of Steel. The previews are amazing and it shows every sign of being one of the best superhero movies ever made. But there is one thing that could ruin it. They could try to make Superman into a super-powered Batman. Continue reading