Help Your Kids Love Learning With LoveMath

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Over the past several weeks I’ve spoken extensively about the LoveMath online learning system from GeekDad’s latest sponsor, GPA Learn. I’ve explored its robust progress tracker as well as its integrated reward system, but something I’ve only touched on is the effectiveness of the tutorials themselves. Continue reading

Follow Your Child’s Progress With LoveMath™


Just like you, I’m a busy parent. I make it a point to try and keep my kids motivated to learn throughout the summer, but I don’t exactly have the time (or the skillset) to develop full lesson plans. Thankfully LoveMath™ from GPA Learn, GeekDad’s latest sponsor, does this heavy lifting for me. Continue reading

Nintendo Gives Us the Greens of Summer


In my house, at least, this has definitely been a Nintendo summer. Starting with the June release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf – and yes, I’m still playing that one – the Big N touched off a string of high profile releases rooted in the company’s rich history of fun first-party offerings, with each reflecting the vibrant color palette of the season. Continue reading

Exclusive Video: Phineas and Ferb, Other Disney Animation Creators on What Summer Means to Them

We asked Disney to talk to the shows’ creators about what summer means to them, but they went us one better and put together this awesome video wherein they do just that, only with lots of cool animation mixed in. … Continue reading

Gadgets and Websites to Help With Your Kids’ Summer To-Do Lists

The summer months are a time when we dads get to spend a little more time with the family because the kids are out of school. Yes, it’s a little more taxing on the family agenda (and your wallet), but … Continue reading

Geeky Summer Reading for the Two-to-Fives

The two-to-five contingent are a wild and wily folk, changing whims and wants at a moment’s notice. And while the summer months are certainly time for play outside, having good books to lean on during thunderstorms, at bedtime and any … Continue reading