Thank You, Macworld.

Macworld - first and last

True story — in 1984 my dad made what I believe to be one of the most important purchases in my 14-year-old life. He bought our family one of the very first Macintosh computers. Correction — while my younger brother and sister used it, I am under no illusions that this purchase was primarily for my dad and myself. I can’t remember my mom ever using it, and years later I would realize what a sacrifice my parents made to purchase that quite expensive computer (for the time) and give their oldest son access to what was most likely the hottest growing sector at the time. Continue reading

10 Years Ago Today: Apple Introduces the iPod, Changes Everything

There are some historical moments whose significance is obvious at the moment, where you know it will be remembered and commemorated in years to come. But I suspect most people wouldn’t be able to recall the events in their lives … Continue reading

Apple and the 80-Cent iPhone Problem

I am a father. But I’m not just a dad, I’m a geeky dad. I love technology, and have loved her for a long time. And, if all you dads out there are anything like me, you want the best technology. To me, the best technology … Continue reading

Sansa slotRadio Player Fights iPod With FM Capability And (Almost) Free Music

Sansa tries to find an opening in the mp3 player market between the Shuffle and the Nano with a clip-on player that includes a small screen and 1,000 ‘free’ songs. But can the slotRadio Player hold a candle toApple? The … Continue reading