Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 025: ‘Return of the Jedi’


Today we talk about some of Captain Owen’s ‘Star Wars’ toys including a Darth Vader/Ahsoka two-pack we grabbed at Disneyland and a bunch of his Galactic Heroes figures. We then do a sort of re-telling of the Tatooine portion of ‘Return of the Jedi.’ We talk a little bit about the RunDisney Kid’s Races from both this year and last. Continue reading

The Force Is Strong With My Pets


We’ve all seen the plethora of Star Wars related merchandise flood the market several months before The Force Awakens hit theaters, and I was the first to throw up my hands and say, “Enough already!” Sorry but oranges have nothing to do with BB-8! However, the Petco line of Star Wars goods for pets is actually a perfect use of the license. Continue reading

Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 024: ‘Another Disneyland Adventure’


Another Disneyland trip under our belts. We traveled to Anaheim for the second annual runDisney ‘Star Wars’ race weekend. We spent the Friday before our races in both Disney parks, and this episode contains two segments. First we chat for a few minutes about what rides we are going to go on before getting ready to head to the park (three of Owen’s favorite rides–Autopia, the railroad, and Jungle Cruise all ended up being closed for the day), and then the morning after we talk about what we did at the parks before heading to Owen’s Kids’ Race. Continue reading

Sail Far, Far Away With Disney’s “Star Wars” Day at Sea

Disney Cruise Line Star Wars Day at Sea

Disney Cruise Line is offering a select number of “Star Wars Day at Sea” cruises, and they are the happiest place on water and/or space. Continue reading

GBBP 45: Tricia Barr & Dan Wallace


Tricia Barr and Dan Wallace are no strangers to the ‘Star Wars’ universe. Both are huge fans and have made their mark on the saga in their own ways. Tricia started in the fanfiction community and has become a vocal advocate for fangirls everywhere, and Dan has previously written several ‘Star Wars’ books. Continue reading

Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 023: ‘Happy Anniversary’


Happy Anniversary! We have a new intro and a new graphic to celebrate the new year and our one-year anniversary. In this episode Captain Owen tells us a magic ‘Star Wars’ story, and we are joined by his Uncle Forest and Grandpa Rob. Continue reading

Where’s Rey? Ask the Marketing People

One of the toy sets that sparked the #WheresRey campaign

There has been a lot of talk online about the conspicuous absence of major female characters in toys and licensed merchandise. What’s going on here? The obvious answer is sexism and misogyny, but the fact is, that’s more an effect than cause. It’s about spreadsheets and demographics and market segments. Continue reading

Dadawan #6: Celebrating Life Day and the Year of ‘Star Wars’


In episode six of Dadawan, a podcast covering the ‘Star Wars’ universe from a GeekDad perspective, we travel to the bizarro world of 1978’s infamous ‘Star Wars Holiday Special,’ contemplate the strange comments George Lucas made this week regarding Disney and hold a special, brief interview with ‘Star Wars’ stuntman Dicky Beer. Continue reading

‘The Shannara Chronicles’ Premiere Event at EMP


The EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington is holding exclusive screenings of The Shannara Chronicles for the next two weeks (December 21st through the 31st) leading up to the television premiere on January 5th. There will be two screenings each day included with museum admission. Continue reading

Bring the Saga to Life With Animatronic ‘Star Wars’ Toys

Thinkway Star Wars toys

‘Star Wars’ is pretty big at the moment. Have you heard? The merch is abundant, and there are some pretty incredible toys available. Not to be outdone by any of its competitors, Thinkway Toys has released a line of animatronic toys that bring a little bit of the saga to life on your living room floor. Continue reading

Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 022: ‘The Force Awakens’


After braving the ‘Star Wars’ marathon on Thursday, we took Captain Owen to see ‘The Force Awakens’ on Friday morning. WARNING: This episode contains major spoilers for ‘The Force Awakens.’ DO NOT listen yet if you haven’t seen the movie and do not want to hear spoilers. However, if you do want to hear about a two-year-old discussing seeing his first ever ‘Star Wars’ movie in a theater, please listen! Continue reading

Star Wars: The Booze Awakens


If an adult-oriented ‘Star Wars’-themed party is part of your viewing plans, then you’re in luck! As everyone knows, it’s all too easy to organize a party that ends up being just a bunch of Trade Federation Neimoidians standing around talking about the taxation of trade routes. And, believe me, that’s no one’s idea of a good time. Continue reading

GBBP 42: Dave Dorman


This week, to celebrate the release of ‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens,’ we welcome a true artistic legend to the show. Dave Dorman’s cover art for ‘Dark Empire’ defined a new look for the saga at a time when the franchise was essentially dead in the water, and his unique artistic style more or less established a “house style” for ‘Star Wars’ comics and novels for over a decade. Continue reading

Dadawan #4: Final Countdown to ‘The Force Awakens’


The final countdown is here! ‘Star Wars’ fans are ready for this week’s world premiere of ‘The Force Awakens,’ and we’re here to talk about the hype. This week, we discuss the marketing blitz that has ‘Star Wars’ invading every facet of life, contemplate how much pre-release information is too much, and dissect my first-hand account of the newest ‘Star Wars’ features to hit Walt Disney World. Continue reading

10 (Spoiler-Free) Things Parents Should Know About ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’


It’s just possible you’re aware there’s a new ‘Star Wars’ film opening this week. What should you know before you take your kids to see it, or even before you see it yourself? (No spoilers!) Continue reading