A Long Time Ago, in a Toy Store Far, Far Away…

Feature Image, Plastic Galaxy

During my first Gen Con a few weeks back, I had such a great time… and a large part of that was being able to hang with fellow geek dads Dave Banks, John Booth, and Jonathan Liu (among others). John introduced me to a friend of his, Brian Stillman, who was also a member of our ragtag group, and over a number of nights we played many games and had dozens of interesting conversations… and one of those was about Brian’s special ‘Star Wars’ toy documentary project titled ‘Plastic Galaxy’ that was playing at Gen Con. Continue reading

For Force Friday: Enter the GeekDad/EE Elite 212th Attack Battalion Utapau Clone Trooper Statue Giveaway


It’s hard to express how important Star Wars is to geeks. Episodes IV-VI are core components of our lives, and how we raise our kids. We remember the excitement and then disappointment of Episodes I-III, and yet now, with Episode VII coming, the excitement is back. We NEED it to be great. We want more. Continue reading

Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 015: ‘EMP Museum’


This episode Captain Owen starts us off with singing a little “Baby Beluga.” We then talk about his Batman Painting Book, a trip to the zoo with Papa and Gigima (his great grandparents), and a trip to the EMP Museum and the ‘Star Wars and the Power of Costume,’ ‘What’s Up, Doc?,’ and ‘Infinite Worlds’ exhibits. We finish off the episode playing Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, or as Captain Owen calls it–Dog and Ostrich. Continue reading

Episode I – A Lost Hope

Imperial Assault - Ep 1 A Lost Hope

Not long ago in a living room approximately 7.2 miles away, four intrepid souls convened a secret meeting to form an alliance with the sole purpose of overthrowing the dark forces of the terrible, infamous Darth Beardicus. Under his iron rule, all strain had been leeched from the people of the Empire. Conflict had ended. There was, in fact, complete and utter peace. But our adventurers grew weary… Continue reading

A New General for a New Era

General Solo

With the recent announcement of Fiat/Chrysler as a marketing partner for ‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens,’ it seems like a perfect time to re-brand the old General with a rebel flag that anyone would be proud to display. Continue reading

Hey You Geeks #47: Discussing the Works of Ernest Cline


With recent news regarding Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Ernest Cline’s ‘Ready Player One’ and Cline’s new book ‘Armada’ now available, this weeks Hey You Geeks is about the writing, cultural impact and geekdom of Cline’s work. Continue reading

D23 Expo Arrives This Weekend: Prepare Thy Nerdy Self


This coming weekend is THE event for Disney nerds: D23 Expo. Held at the Anaheim Convention Center this Friday-Sunday, August 14-16, D23 Expo is the ultimate fan event that celebrated everything under the Disney umbrella. Be it Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Muppets, music, television, games, or theme parks and resorts, THIS is the place for it. Continue reading

Great Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 21 – Gary Whitta


This week, we are absolutely thrilled to have ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ scribe Gary Whitta on the show. Yes, we talk about the film. Yes, he answers with something other than “no comment.” Are spoilers dropped or hinted at? You’ll have to listen and find out! Continue reading

Hey You Geeks #45: Casting a Young Han Solo


This week on Hey You Geeks, we’re putting our casting director hats on to make our picks for the actors we’d most like to see play a young Han Solo in the just announced Han Solo anthology film to be directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord. Continue reading

Great Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 18 – Christie Golden


This week, we’re delighted to be joined by Christie Golden, author of the brand-new ‘Star Wars’ novel ‘Dark Disciple,’ which released this week. The story is based on an unproduced 8-episode arc of ‘The Clone Wars’ and centers on the characters of Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos. Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Geeky Coffee Tables


This week’s Stack Overflow includes a few recent (and a couple not-so-recent) oversized, coffee table art books that cover a range of geeky interests. Lock up your wallet if you have as little self-control as I do. Continue reading

Great Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 15 – Jeffrey Brown


This week, we’re joined by the uber-talented Jeffrey Brown. You probably know Jeffrey best from his too-adorable-for-words Darth Vader books (‘Darth Vader and Son,’ ‘Vader’s Little Princess,’ etc.) or his ‘Jedi Academy’ books. Continue reading

Hey You Geeks #44: A Game Of Controversy


This week on Hey You Geeks, we’re prepping for the ‘Game Of Thrones’ season finale by dissecting some of the controversies of this past season, and analyzing the unprecedented idea of a TV series lapping the ongoing book series that it is based upon. We’re also discussing Jon Bernthal’s casting as the Punisher, Christopher Lee’s legacy and more. Continue reading

How to Survive a ‘Star Wars’ Hollywood Studios Weekend

2015-06-10 -warwick 1000

I am just about the biggest ‘Star Wars’ geek you will ever meet and I live near Orlando, Florida, so it might surprise you to learn that last weekend was my first ‘Star Wars’ Weekend ever! It might also surprise you that I was not even remotely prepared for the crowds I encountered, despite having visited nearly all the Orlando theme parks before. What follows is a survival guide should you decide to take the ‘Star Wars’ pilgrimage to this must-see event. Continue reading