Watch This: Livestream of the Rosetta #CometLanding


We’re actually a ways off from the actual landing, which won’t happen until tomorrow morning – final confirmation of the landing is expected at 8:03am Pacific Time. But if you’d like to spend the next 20-odd hours immersed in a very cool space experience, try tuning into the European Space Agency’s livestream. Continue reading

Last Chance to Buy Time on a Space Telescope!

ARKYD Kickstarter graphic

Planetary Resources is giving away observation time on a new space telescope through their Kickstarter campaign. Grab some before time runs out! Continue reading

Join the International Space Apps Challenge This Weekend, Possibly Save the World

International Space Apps Challenge 2013

The International Space Apps Challenge is a two-day technology development event collectively presented by NASA in collaboration with 100 partner organizations including the European Space Agency, TechShop, Raspberry Pi, and the National Science Foundation. Participants will work together, hackathon style, in a 48-hour sprint to solve challenges relevant to improving life on Earth–and in space. Continue reading

Amazing Time-Lapse of Images/Video from the ISS Set to The Cinematic Orchestra


Bruce Wayne (no, not THAT Bruce Wayne), who is a professional photgrapher, decided to take it upon himself to assemble, color grade, de-noise, and do a whole bunch of other neat things to media shot from the Internation Space Station. And then he went and set it to one of my personal favorite piececs of music, “Manhatta” by the Cinematic Orchestra. Enjoy this work of space art. Continue reading

How Big Is a Galaxy? Milky Way Shown to Scale | Popular Science

Think the Milky Way is big? It’s puny compared to M87, an elliptical galaxy 980,000 light years in diameter. The Milky Way is only 100,000 light years in diameter. Let’s not even get into Hercules A, which is 1.5 million light years across. Continue reading