Video Games, D&D, and Farting on the Bus: Bad for You Is Good for You

death race_cu

Bad for You: Exposing the War on Fun is an illustrated tour through cultural freak-outs. The book is a historical look at the hysterical horror adults have felt about kids activities, from comics, games, technology, play, and thought. It’s a fun, surprising and biting survey. GeekDad has an interview with authors Kevin C. Pyle and Scott Cunningham. Continue reading

Metamorphosis Alpha Collector’s Edition — Kickstarter Ending!

MA Cover

Just a quick note to remind any of you who might be on the fence about the Metamorphosis Alpha Kickstarter project that it’s ending in less than seven days. What started out as a simple attempt to raise $30,000 has crossed over to a rush for a number of last-minute stretch goals that the team at Goodman Games has been adding that come with no additional costs. Continue reading

Metamorphosis Alpha RPG — Collector’s Edition For Fans

MA Rulebook Cover

I’m doing my best to figure out what year it, was but it had to be 1978 or 1979. It was a Friday or Saturday night, and I had been offered a chance to ride with a friend to attend a “gaming club” that met weekly in a back room on the second floor of the Pensacola Sears store. I had absolutely NO IDEA what to expect, and I honestly figured it would be a bunch or board games set up. We arrived, walked in, and my world changed in less than an hour. Continue reading

T.A.B.L.E.- Tabletop and Boardgame Learning Expo


The Tabletop and Boardgame Learning Expo (T.A.B.L.E.), first pitched on Kickstarter last summer, is becoming a reality in just two and a half months. On March 29-30, 2014, the Westin hotel in Irving, Texas, will be overrun by geeks of many sorts, but mainly those of the board and tabletop variety. Continue reading

The Campaigner: A Great Publication for Tabletop Games


I met the folks who publish The Campaigner at the very first PAXAus. They had dropped in to listen to the Geek Parenting Panel — as we from Down Under happily took the opportunity to share the GeekDad and GeekMom love. They presented me with a beautiful-looking magazine and asked that I have a read, especially pointing to their “Gamer Dad” section. Quickly, I saw the connection. This is a magazine that any GeekDad would love. Continue reading

GeekDad Retro Gaming: Cyberpunk by R. Talsorian Games, Inc.

Cyberpunk RPG manuals

I’ve been digging around in some of my boxes and, once again, I’ve come upon something I completely forgot about — a late 80s RPG titled Cyberpunk from R. Talsorian Games, Inc. I remember seeing this game advertised in Dragon magazine at some point, but by that point I already owned it. I had found William Gibson’s Neuromancer novel just after it was released, and I was hooked. At that point, if the word cyberpunk was attached, my ears perked up. Continue reading

Second Issue of Gygax Magazine Hits Shelves This Week


Gygax Magazine, a tribute to the gaming magazines of yore (think Dragon and White Dwarf, circa 1985), releases its second issue this week with a stunning cover by fantasy artist extraordinaire Jeff Easley. Continue reading

QuakeCon 2013 and Elder Scrolls Online News

Twitch - The Elder Scrolls Online | Gameplay Presentation - Google Chrome_006

The family and I stopped by QuakeCon 2013 in Dallas this Saturday. We were looking for info about the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) and while we didn’t get a lot of information we were able to watch over the shoulder of a few players as they tested out the game. We considered waiting in line for our own chance, but it appeared to be a good hour or more. Continue reading

Kickstarting Adventure Maximus

Adventure Maximus

Adventure Maximus is a fun tabletop RPG for families and kids, running on Kickstarter right now. It features a card-based system that lets you create characters and even full adventures on the fly. The Kickstarter runs through June 4 and is already funded, with stretch goals that make it a fantastic deal. Continue reading