Gadget Review: ThinOptics Glasses


Do you wear reading glasses? In my new “old age,” I am finding it difficult to see small things, such as fine print, and I have noticed that this is especially problematic at restaurants with menus. Because of this, in addition to all my other daily carry items, I have added a small pair of reading glasses. Continue reading

Active Listening: SMS, Polk Audio’s New Headphones Move With You

sms polk

Like many of you, I work at a desk eight hours a day. This means that I have to keep a keen eye on my activity level for the good of my overall health and wellbeing. I try to walk to meetings whenever it’s feasible and take the stairs instead of the elevator, but my real exercise takes place outside of business hours – and nothing motivates me to move more than enjoying a little music. Continue reading

Bring Your Home Into Harmony With the Piper Security and Automation Hub


With an effortless installation via your existing home wireless network and a ton of internal environmental sensors, Piper is an endlessly customizable home monitoring system like no other. In fact, my Piper has me thinking less of simple home security, and more about home automation. Whereas the Samsung SmartCam I reviewed last month made it easy for me to receive alerts about motion or sound events that may indicate treachery is afoot in my humble abode, Piper instead offers all this with an unprecedented level of added granularity. Continue reading

Introducing Skinit’s inkFusion Line


This week online purveyor of fine consumer electronics covers Skinit introduced a new line of cases for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy (as well as the iPad and iPod Touch). Skinit’s inkFusion series features glossy, high-impact cases that offer protection without compromising the functionality of your device. Continue reading

Feed Your Fandom With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Visual History

tmnt history

Insight Editions’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Visual History, a gorgeously detailed coffee table book written by San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum curator Andrew Farago, is exactly what the title promises. It explores, across some 192 pages, everything a fan could possibly want to know about Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael, not to mention the duo behind their unlikely creation. Continue reading

10 Things Parents Should Know About the Amazon Fire TV


Amazon has a lot going on of late. Just yesterday they rolled out the Prime Music service, yet another perk for Amazon Prime subscribers, and next week they are poised to unveil another new device – smart money seems to be on it being the long-rumored Amazon phone. Still, before we dive headlong into speculation, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on Amazon’s last big reveal, the Fire TV. Continue reading

10 Things Parents Should Know About Tomodachi Life

tomodachi life preview

Some video games tell you everything you need to know about them in their clearly concise titles like Duck Hunt or Don’t Starve. Others are more ambivalent, like Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, or just plain weird – I’m looking at you, Um Jammer Lammy! With that in mind, allow me to drop some science re: Nintendo’s recently released Tomodachi Life. Continue reading

ROCCAT Lua Gaming Mouse


Like most people who spend too much time on a keyboard, I have issues with repetitive stress, especially when mousing. To solve (well, postpone) this issue I have taken to using two mice. I switch frequently from right to left hand as pain and typing patterns dictate. On the right is my trusty MX Anywhere and on the left is the ROCCAT Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse. The latter is corded so it also gets more attention when the office is filled with robots and the wireless starts stuttering across the screen. Continue reading

10 Things Parents Should Know About the Kindle Fire HDX

fire hdx

Late last year online retail juggernaut Amazon again tried its hand at a consumer-friendly tablet. The Kindle Fire HDX, the third generation of their Kindle Fire line, not only makes Amazon’s specialized environment a viable option for mobile computing, it makes for a fine device in its own right. Continue reading

10 Things Parents Should Know About Mario Kart 8

mk8 1

While the Legend of Zelda, Pokémon and core Mario Bros. titles have long been Nintendo’s classic haymakers, even its sometimes struggling contemporary consoles have found both critical and commercial success with two pitch-perfect spinoff series. The first is frantic fighter/epic crossover event Super Smash Bros. The second is infectious arcade racer Mario Kart, the newest iteration of which lands on the Wii U later this month. Continue reading