This Week’s GeekDads Podcast Cancelled (Yes, Again)


We’re so sorry to have to do this yet again, but due to reasons beyond our control, our regularly-scheduled recording of the GeekDads podcast must be cancelled. Be sure to come back and tune in on October 8, when we’re next scheduled to record! We’ll try very hard not to cancel then, we promise! Really, we do. Yes, we said that last time. Believe us, we miss recording the podcast at least as much as you miss listening to it.
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The GeekDads Podcast Returns Tonight, Livestreamed!

GeekDad cropped

You read that right, folks! After a long hiatus and many, many changes, we’re going to try and get things running again, podcast-wise. We’re also going to try using a Google+ hangout for the livestream, so fingers crossed it’ll all work out. Check in at the blog at 7:00pm Pacific/10:00pm Eastern and see if we can pull it off! Continue reading