I Really Hate UltraViolet: Is It Just Me?


I’m beginning to lose patience with the whole digital movies thing. Don’t get me wrong, I think the idea of having a digital copy of a movie and being able to watch it on all our devices is great. In fact, I’m fully onboard with that. We have Apple TVs throughout the house and an iTunes library large enough that the computer hosting it has a 6 TB external hard drive exclusively for that purpose. And I actually buy those movies. But the studios seem determined to mess up a good thing through competing standards for digital downloads. In particular, the insistence on pushing UltraViolet exclusively seems thickheaded. Continue reading

Pacific Rim: Man, Machines & Monsters

Book cover for Pacific Rim: Man, Machines, and Monsters

I think what I find most fascinating about these books is the glimpse into the creator’s mind that they afford us–watching how a mere idea progresses through character building, world building, story-boarding, and ultimately into the reality of film. Sure, I know that most of it is CG these days, but that doesn’t detract from the artistic talent and vision that went into creating it. Continue reading

New Pacific Rim Trailer Gives Us Awesome Gundam vs. Giant Alien Monsters Action

Screen capture of the trailer on Youtube.

Warner Brothers has released a new trailer for my most anticipated movie of the summer. Pacific Rim is a sci-fi action flick with giant robots, giant aliens, and [hopefully] a whole lot of action scenes. I don’t expect this to be as serious as District 9, nor will it be likely to win any awards, but robots! Continue reading