5 New Family-Friendly Streaming Titles for February

New episodes of "The Amazing World of Gumball" are set for streaming in February. (Courtesy of Cartoon Network)

Hours of new movies and television shows are about to debut on streaming services in February. Here’s your regular GeekDad guide to what to add to your family’s watchlist. Continue reading

‘The Revenant’ Leads the Pack in 2016 Academy Award Nominations

Leonardo DiCaprio leads the 2016 Oscar Nominations

The Oscars contest has some stiff competition this year with eight fantastic films in contention for the top honor of best film of the year. Revenant looks like the industry darling with the most nominations this year, but there’s a few geeky favorites in the mix too. Continue reading

5 New Family-Friendly Streaming Titles for January


With the new year comes a whole new batch of streaming movies and television shows to the device of your choice. Here are five picks to keep you and your family entertained in January. Continue reading

Best of GeekDad 2015: Our Most Popular Articles

GeekDad 2015: year in review

As parents and geeks, we write about a wide variety of topics we hope you enjoy as much as we do. Some topics, however, are more popular than others. Here’s a list of several of our most popular GeekDad articles from 2015! Continue reading

Meet the Cast of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

Gwendoline Christie reacts to a question, while Oscar Isaac and John Boyega look on.

A little film called Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming out this week; you may not have heard of it. As part of the publicity campaign to get the word out, Disney and Lucasfilm held a press conference last weekend featuring the cast, director, producer and screenwriter of the film. Continue reading

10 (Spoiler-Free) Things Parents Should Know About ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’


It’s just possible you’re aware there’s a new ‘Star Wars’ film opening this week. What should you know before you take your kids to see it, or even before you see it yourself? (No spoilers!) Continue reading

Criterion Sale at Barnes & Noble

Criterion sale at Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble is now offering its biannual Criterion Collection sale; here are some family-friendly films to look for.
Continue reading

Top 10 #Halloween Movies With More Laughter, Less Slaughter


Finding horror movies for a Halloween marathon is easy — there’s the occasional good one, and the rest are usually somewhere in the bad to so-bad-it’s-good range. What if you’re a parent of a pre-teen, though, and don’t want to risk a month of nightmares? Finding something good to watch that still feels properly Halloween-y can be tough. Continue reading

New Family-Friendly Streaming in November

Garnet, Amethyst, Steven and Pearl of "Steven Universe," as the first full season arrives on Hulu in November. (Courtesy of Cartoon Network)

With Halloween right around the corner and the Thanksgiving season not far behind, that means it’s time for another round of additions to the streaming libraries of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime in November. Continue reading

Sharing Classic Films With Your Kids

'Frankenstein': Traumatizing children for 84 years.

A lot of geeky media includes references to older, less-geeky media. It’s not enough to just show our kids the geek standards; they need to see the films that the geek standards are referencing. So I started compiling a list of classic films that I think kids ought to see. Continue reading

DCC Celebrates 30 Years of ‘Weird Science.’ It’s Ceremonial.

Weird Science

Saturday, May 23, the Denver Comic Con will be celebrating 30 years of brains, beauty, bikers, and Boingo (Oingo Boingo, that is) as the cast of John Hughes’s iconic coming-of-age film that’s more ’80s than Mary Lou Retton playing ‘Pac-Man’ with Mr. T hits the stage. Continue reading

‘Star Wars: Epic Yarns’ Retells the Original Trilogy in Soft Detail

Images: Chronicle Books

This trilogy of board books for beginning word learners is filled with spreads of painstakingly-made photos on one side and single words on the other. Meant to teach some basic words to young children in a fun way, the books also retell each story of the original trilogy in a minimalist style. Continue reading