Remembrance of The Doctor: A Personal Journey Through Time and Space

Dashiel and Jocelyn Meet Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Alred

We need heroes. I need heroes. In the wake of the death and the disillusionment of living heroes, we make up stories with heroes who live up to our values and expectations, heroes who idealize our aspirations and can only let us down if we let them. The Doctor is, in my opinion, the epitome of the hero archetype. Continue reading

Matt Smith Leaving Doctor Who. So, Who’s next?

Matt Smith is Leaving the role that made him famous. © BBC

Matt Smith is going out on top, after having won a BAFTA, Britain’s highest acting accolade for the role, and four years as the Doctor is a pretty good run by anyone’s estimation, with Tom Baker only topping that at a little over 6 years. Continue reading

The Failure Bow

Matt Smith - Failure Bow

We all make mistakes. Sometimes subtly, in ways that only we’re aware of, and sometimes spectacularly, in ways that will get recorded and posted to YouTube and compiled on FAIL Blog. While we can do our best to minimize mistakes, the truth is that we’re never going to be completely rid of our blunders. So it’s important to know how to respond at times when we do make mistakes. Continue reading