‘Bedtime Math’ Helps Families Share Math the Same Way We Share Reading

Image: Flickr/Jimmie cc license

Let’s bond over math the same way we bond over reading–a study in ‘Science’ shows that over the course of a school year ‘Bedtime Math’ pushes kids’ math skills 3 months further than a similar reading app. Continue reading

Help Your Kids Love Learning With LoveMath

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Over the past several weeks I’ve spoken extensively about the LoveMath online learning system from GeekDad’s latest sponsor, GPA Learn. I’ve explored its robust progress tracker as well as its integrated reward system, but something I’ve only touched on is the effectiveness of the tutorials themselves. Continue reading

Follow Your Child’s Progress With LoveMath™


Just like you, I’m a busy parent. I make it a point to try and keep my kids motivated to learn throughout the summer, but I don’t exactly have the time (or the skillset) to develop full lesson plans. Thankfully LoveMath™ from GPA Learn, GeekDad’s latest sponsor, does this heavy lifting for me. Continue reading

Do You Want Your Daughter to Excel at Math and Science? Get a Little Help From GEMS


GEMS was started to address the well documented but underserved problem of girls not taking high-level math and science classes in high school, thereby limiting their college and career options. It has evolved over the years into a full-focus STEM program, addressing the dearth of female engineers and computer scientists, in addition to the workforce problem of low numbers of female workers in these fields. Continue reading

Have Geeklets, Will Travel: Museum of Mathematics

Image: justgrimes via Flickr

If you’re lucky enough to be in New York, you can visit the museum itself and play with numbers. Hands-on exhibits teach concepts such as fractions, dimensionality, and geometry, making math interesting for everyone from kindergarteners to adults alike. If you don’t live in New York, you still have a chance to try out many of the math games as they crisscross the country in a traveling exhibit called Math Midway. We were fortunate that it came to our local science center prior to the opening of the museum, and the kids loved walking the maze (never making a left turn!), playing with the harmonograph, and trying to figure out the organ function grinder. Continue reading

Zooreka and the Odds of Winning


I thought about that this week when I made a bet with the twins as we played Zooreka. If either of them won, they could both stay up 15 minutes later that night. If I won, they would go to bed five minutes earlier. The odds were in their favor as there were two of them and only one of me, but they still agonized over whether to accept the bet. Simple math, I explained to them: they could win more than they could ever lose. Continue reading

Because a Geek Has to Do it: Calculating the Dimensions of a New TV

1080p - the "p" stands for Pythagoras.

The bulb in our 10 year-old DLP rear-projection TV burnt out for the second time in its lifespan earlier this week. The last time I had to replace it, my journey to secure a bulb ended in haggling with the rather unsavory proprietor of a strip-mall TV repair outlet. As a family, we decided it was time to put the old gray mare out to pasture, and give ourselves a little upgrade. Continue reading