Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: King Down Sets the Stage for Chess


Last weekend I talked about a few variants on chess that play around with the basic rules of chess. King Down is a new game, just launched on Kickstarter, which takes a slightly different approach: it’s billing itself as a prequel to chess. Although there are some familiar pieces with familiar moves, King Down is really its own game with new objectives and a very different feel. And it doesn’t hurt that it looks spectacular. Continue reading

Protect Your Kids With the Jolt Concussion Sensor

Jolt Sensor details

My daughters play roller derby, which means they’re at risk of concussions. The thing about concussions is that it’s not always obvious: they don’t occur only when somebody has been knocked unconscious. The Jolt Sensor, now on Kickstarter, aims to make potential concussions easier to detect. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Finding Hope in New Salem


Salem is, as everyone knows, overrun with witches. So you, fine upstanding citizens that you are, have decided the best solution is to leave and found a new town named, naturally, New Salem. Players try to build their town free from the despair caused by witches. The bad news? Some witches might be hiding in your midst. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Warband: Against the Darkness

Warband: Against the Darkness

Let’s face it: we don’t like each other. But there’s this Big Bad to defeat, so we’re forced to share troops in this war. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna let you just boss me around, though—everyone knows my soldiers and scouts are the best, you just wait and see. Welcome to Warband: Against the Darkness. Continue reading

Game Trayz Are Everything You Want Game Inserts to Be


For too long, game players have had to suffer with flimsy cardboard dividers and shattered, thin plastic trays to care for their tabletop game components. The time has come to say “No More!” Thankfully, the future of game inserts is here and it is glorious! Continue reading

Announcements From Calliope Games

Tsuro App

Calliope Games is a GeekDad favorite—I first met Ray Wehrs at PAX Prime several years ago, and since then it’s become a tradition to make a trip to the Calliope booth at the beginning of a convention (and sometimes also at the end). This year at Gen Con, Wehrs made several announcements about some things that Calliope has in store. Continue reading

Kickstarter Gen Con Previews

Operation Faust

I already mentioned several ongoing Kickstarter projects that I checked out during Gen Con, and now I’ve got a slew of games I saw in some form that are coming to Kickstarter later—some are launching any day now, and some may still be six months out, but these are games that you’ll want to watch for. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Roundup: Gen Con Edition

Lift Off X-Wing

You know how much I love Kickstarter board games, and Gen Con was a great opportunity to sit down and play a lot of prototypes with designers and publishers. Some are on Kickstarter now, and some will be launching later this year (or even next year). I’m sure there are plenty that I missed, but here’s a quick run-through of the current and upcoming Kickstarter games I saw last weekend. Continue reading