The Original Metamorphosis Alpha Is Back and Ready for Play!

Collector's Edition Box

Over thirty years ago, I was dropped off at the Sears in Pensacola along with a friend — we’d been invited by some older kids we knew who were playing some unique games we’d not seen before. Tucked into a back room on the second floor of the department store, there were (if memory serves) maybe 20-30 people divided up over three or four tables. We were spotted, invited to a few open chairs, and handed some paper. One of the people at that table told us we’d had good timing and proceeded to help us create what he called a character. I rolled some dice (all six-sided) and came up with a name, but had no real idea what was going on. The referee provided my character with some mutant abilities and some defects. The game was Metamorphosis Alpha. Continue reading

New Kickstarter Alert — Bitsbox Teaches Kids Programming


A few weeks ago my oldest son (age 7) came up to me and asked one of those questions that many parents dread — “Dad, can you teach me to program?” While I’m half-kidding, I’m also half-serous. I’m not a programmer! I have some training (mainly in college, but some self-taught) and I’m comfortable hunting down a book when I need it, but, when it comes to teaching my son, I’m really at a loss. What I’d like to do is find a way to make programming fun and interesting, but also something he can do on his own or at least with me watching over his shoulder but providing minimum assistance. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Raid & Trade

Raid & Trade cover

In this post-apocalyptic world, everyone’s trying to survive long enough to make it into the Golden City, either by building up their reputation, by fulfilling missions, or just sheer skill. Raid & Trade is a board game now on Kickstarter from Mage Company. Continue reading

Kickstarter Reminder — Ingocraft 3D Printable Construction Set


Ingocraft is offering up a kit of parts that allows young makers to not only create parts that stay put, but more parts can be printed on a 3D printer… and both my boys are completely fascinated by my 3D printer and the things I print out. Add the Ingos (the name for the Ingocraft parts) to that list as well as the app that well let my sons first design on the screen and then convert their designs to real-world objects with physical parts they snap and bolt together. Continue reading

Stack Overflow: It’s the End of the World as We Know It…

Stack Overflow for the end of the world

Some say the world will end in fire, some say with sentient robots turning against their human masters. I’ve always been fond of dystopian and apocalyptic fiction for some odd reason. Here are several titles I’ve been reading lately that play with world-ending, evil robots, and more. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: WordTov


If you like variations on Scrabble, here’s one that has an interesting twist: WordTov is an area-control game that happens to use words as weapons. Use your tiles to spell words, and then flip tiles over to your color. Your score isn’t based on which letters you use, but rather on which letters you own by the end of the game. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: V-Commandos Offers a Healthy Dose of Stealth & Sabotage


It is the second World War. You and your fellow commandos have been dropped behind enemy lines. You must work together to infiltrate the German base and perform a stealth mission without alerting any guards. Do you have what it takes? Continue reading

Grab Your Car Keys and Some Ammo — Outrider Comes to Kickstarter

Outrider Cover

If you’re itching to really know how you might stack up against your fellow drivers if car combat were a reality, a new Kickstarter has just gone live that will allow you and up to seven other players take to the open highways and duke it out with small, medium, and artillery-sized weaponry. It’s called Outrider, and here’s some basic info on how it’s played.
Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Roundup: Building Up, Tearing Down


Well, I’ve done it again—I’ve found a whole bunch of Kickstarter board games that look like fun, and not left myself enough time to review them all before the campaigns are up. In some instances I’ve gotten a demo to try out, and in others I’ve just been following along with the campaign. Here’s a list of a few worth looking into, and I may follow up with full reviews as time allows. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Mine, All Mine

Mine, All Mine

You’re in charge of a fleet of ships headed out to some faraway planets to mine valuable minerals there. Maybe it’s unobtainium? Oh, except there aren’t any pesky natives to worry about—at least as far as you’re concerned. There are, however, other fleets with the same idea—balance your speed, firepower, and cargo space. Continue reading