Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Dino Dude Ranch’

Dino Dude Ranch

So you want to run your own Jurassic Park? Here’s your chance. Run your own ‘Dino Dude Ranch,’ lure impressive specimens with the right foods, and watch out for those tar pits that are opening up everywhere. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Clairvoyance’


‘Clairvoyance’ is a fast-paced, psychic card game from Eye4Games studio, creators of ‘AlakaSLAM.’ Based around a unique mechanic of turning the die rather than rolling it, it’s a humorous contest of furniture tossing with a lot of character. Continue reading

Kickstarter Alert: Play With This Too – Lost Protectors

Play With This Too Group Shot

Staffed by a collection of former Mattel and Hasbro talent, Play With This Too has launched Lost Protectors on Kickstarter: finely-detailed action figures that come with robot companions that break down to become armor and weapons. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: It’s Tile-Laying With a Twist in ‘Between Two Cities’


Stonemaier Games returns to Kickstarter with a new project that features an easy to play tile-laying game that pits you against your partners as you compete to build cities. Continue reading

Pebble Brings Color to Kickstarter With Record-Breaking Results

Source: pebble

With so many consumer electronic markets crowded and choking out new talent, the smart watch arena is still the wild west. The makers of the Pebble Smartwatch want you to know that there’s a new sheriff in town. Continue reading

Kickstarter Alert: ‘Orion Trail’ From Schell Games

Orion Trail

A space parody game of strategic decision making, ‘Orion Trail’ puts you in the captain’s chair to make the hard decisions. Get ready to face Brain Beasts, Warp Weasels, and messy, untimely death in this Kickstarter from Schell Games. Continue reading

Kickstarter Alert: Studio Cosplay

Studio Cosplay

Many of us in the GeekDad community have experience with makerspaces and DIY work, including cosplay. The cosplay I have seen over the years simply boggles my mind. When people are given the right tools and have the push, the cosplay results can be spectacular and bring fandoms to life. A Kickstarter campaign, Studio Cosplay, seeks to give more people access to those tools. There are several Kickstarters that I have backed quietly, but this is one that I have not only pledged my money towards but also want to spread the word. Continue reading

Kickstarter Reminder — DuinoKit Jr. Electronics/Arduino Project Kit

DuinoKit Jr2

This is just a quick reminder that the DuinoKit Jr. Kickstarter project is down to less than a week. It’s already reached its funding goal, so any stragglers out there who might be looking for a fun all-in-one electronics style kit that teaches Arduino and programming, take a look at the DuinoKit Jr.

Project owner, Dan Alich, has finished two successful Kickstarter projects previously, both larger versions of this kit called the DuinoKit Essentials. Dan understands the issues with manufacturing and shipping, so he’s got the experience needed to delivery the products on time for a May 2015 delivery. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Imperial Harvest’

Imperial Harvest

Imperial Harvest is a 2-player strategy game about a great conflict: the Imperial Servants and the Northern Raiders use their abilities to maneuver through the Imperial Gardens, avoid attacks from the Hydra, and collect—wait for it—strawberries. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Roundup


There are plenty of board game Kickstarter projects that look intriguing to me but that I’m not able to review in full—usually because I wasn’t able to acquire a demo copy before the campaign, but sometimes simply because there are just so darn many of them. Here are a couple that have caught my eye in the past month. Continue reading

‘Hoyuk': Expand Your Neolithic Clan

Hoyuk logo

10,000 years ago in the region of Anatolia in what is now the Middle East, early civilizations began to take root—hunter-gatherers settled down and started farming. Clans came together and built settlements. But life was not without disasters: floods, droughts, earthquakes, and famines had sometimes devastating consequences. In Hoyuk, you play a Neolithic clan, eager to establish your family in this emerging community. Continue reading

Reaping the Rewards: A Year of Kickstarter Tabletop Games

Here are, as far as I can recall, all of the tabletop games I acquired in 2014 that were funded on Kickstarter. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

Here’s a quick run-down of the Kickstarter-funded board games that I actually received in 2014. Some of them I’ve opened and played; some I’ve opened and looked at all the shiny bits; and some, sadly, are still in shrink wrap, waiting for the day when I don’t have a long queue of new prototypes to review. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: The Kingswood

The Kingswood

“A fantastic treasure has been found at the heart of The Kingswood.” Which, of course, means that you’re all competing for it. The Kingswood is a tile-laying game about building new roads (and paving over old ones) to connect your forts to the most valuable gates. Continue reading