Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Cunning Folk’ Keeps You Guessing

Cunning Folk

The village of Ipswich is overrun with witches, both good and evil—can you expose the witches? But be careful: if you’re caught lying, the townsfolk will suspect you’re a witch, too. Here’s a clever little game for ‘Cunning Folk.’ Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘4 the Birds!’

4 the Birds

It’s tough being a bird. You’re just trying to find a nice perch on the tree with the rest of your budgies, but you gotta watch out for those nosy crows and the cantankerous hawks, not to mention a bunch of other birdbrains who think it’s their tree. I tell ya: all this competition is ‘4 the Birds!’ Continue reading

Kickstarter Alert: Slrp – The Right Way to Drink from a Bowl


Every parent has probably faced that moment of agony when your child finishes his cereal, picks up the bowl, and tries to drink the milk–and it runs all over his face, down the shirt, and requires a new set of clothes. Slrp has launched a Kickstarter to make those moments a thing of the past Continue reading

Build Your Own Treasure Hoard With Fantasy Coins and Bars

Fantasy Coins and Bars

Dwarven coins emblazoned with anvils and the stoic bearded faces of kings-beneath-mountains. Egyptian specie adorned with Osiris and pyramids. Multicolored hexagonal gems reminiscent of Hyrulean rupees. Every single piece is highly detailed and has the heft of real coinage. Continue reading

Kickstarter Alert: Rush Gets the Fantoons Treatment in a Book of Comics and Art


The Holy Triumvirate gets the Fantoons treatment in this Kickstarter project for a book celebrating the band Rush in beautifully illustrated and humorous comic strips, cartoons, and illustrations. Continue reading

Tynker: Visual Game Programming Tools For Kids

Coding Adventures

I’m teaching a bunch of technology camps this summer, and one of the camps I’m most looking forward to is Beginning Game Programming. My goal is to introduce the students to the basic concepts of programming but also to give them hands-on time with as many game development platforms as we can fit into the week.

One of the tools that I’m definitely going to introduce to the students is Tynker. If you’re not familiar with it and have a student who is showing strong interesting in creating his or her own games, you’ll definitely want to check out their website. Continue reading

Help The Doubleclicks Fund Their Next Album, ‘President Snakes’

The Doubleclicks

The Doubleclicks are a GeekDad favorite: these two sisters from Portland have been making geeky music since 2011, singing about dinosaurs and ‘D&D’ and cats and the internet. Help them fund their next album, ‘President Snakes’! Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Adventurous Storytelling With ‘The Siblings Trouble’

The Siblings Trouble

You’ve got your lucky penny in your pocket and your siblings by your side as you sneak out to the abandoned junkyard—looking for adventure, danger, mischief, or mayhem. What will you find around that pile of rusted cars? Who knows what treasures are hidden just around the bend? Play ‘The Siblings Trouble’ and find out! Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Mangaka: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics’


‘Mangaka’, Kickstarting now, is a great game for drawing-enthusiasts and storytellers alike. No great skill in either is required to do well in this game that gives players a 60-minute window of focused drawing fun. Players’ comics, drawn in four 5-minute rounds, are guided by random themes provided by the game. Continue reading

‘Fangirl’ Interview With, Um, Fanboy Tom Stillwell

Artist Credit: Jessica Lynn.

‘Fangirl’ is the story of Alice, a gamer geek whose trip to the San Diego comic con is compromised when she becomes witness to a murder. Alice and her guildies take refuge amidst the cosplayers and con-goers, and boom! It’s on. With ‘Fangirl,’ writer Tom Stillwell offers Alice as a strong female protagonist, not to pander to the gender issue in comics, but because strong, solid female roles should be the standard for the industry. Continue reading

STEAMLabs Crowdfunding a Workshop for Maker Kids

SPARK Core close-up

Teaching kids a new way of learning is not an easy task. It gets even more complex when trying to integrate it with traditional school curriculums. Andy Forest and Mariane Mader created the non-profit STEAMLabs to connect kids with a method of learning that encourages creativity and imagination when learning about Math, Science, and Technology. Their Kickstarter aims to put the right tools in the hands of kids so that only their imagination is the limit. There are also some pretty good rewards for donors both near and far. Continue reading