Looking Fly on the Fourth of July

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Between the World Cup and Independence Day, how could you not feel patriotic right now? Well if you are looking to show off your red, white and blue, then you have to check out these new clothing items from TVStoreOnline.com. Continue reading

11 Geeky Choices for Independence Day Video Entertainment


It’s Independence Day in the United States of America, so patriotism is in the air. In case you feel that the urge to be patriotic conflicts with your usual urge to be geeky, we’re here to help.
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How Does Battleship Stack Up to Other Alien Invasion Movies?

I suppose it only makes sense that a movie based on a classic boardgame would use a classic plot point: alien invasion! From the trailer, you can tell that the aliens are bent on destruction, have some pretty high-tech weaponry … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Christopher Lloyd and Jeff Goldblum!

It looks like late October is a pretty good time for iconic geek entertainers to be born. We mentioned Carrie Fisher’s birthday yesterday, and coming up before the end of the month are the birthdays of modern-day geek icon Grant … Continue reading

Top 11 Things to Watch for a Geeky Independence Day (GeekDad Wayback Machine)

Tomorrow is, of course, Independence Day in the United States of America, so it’s time to show your patriotic side. There’s no reason, though, why you have to hide your geeky side — why not celebrate both at the same … Continue reading

GeekDad Puzzle Of The Week: Who Keeps The Metric System Down?

Ahh, July 4th – you can’t think about America’s Independence Day without thinking of the Freemasons – after all, George Washington was a Freemason. And whether or not you believe the whole controlling-the-world thing, the Freemasons contributed to America’s victory … Continue reading