Holiday Gift Guide #4 – Marvelous Movies and Magnificent Music


There’s nothing like sitting back and letting someone else entertain you. Whether it’s on the big (or small) screen, or through big, booming speakers (or the intimacy of headphones), movies and music mean a lot to us. Check out some of our favorites from 2013. Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide #3: Those Glorious Games!


With Black Friday just around the corner, here are some ideas to think about. And all are available online, so you can avoid being trampled. This edition of the GeekDad holiday Gift Guide examines games, both tabletop and videogames. Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide #2 — Page After Page of Wonderful Books!


This week, the GeekDad holiday gift guide turns the page to an area of interest, many of us are fanatical about — books. Check out our list and see some of our favorite choices we found on our bookshelves this year. Continue reading