Serious Comics, Part 7: Making History

Serious Comics - History

Non-fiction writing, particularly biographies and coverage of historical events, often tends to be accompanied by pictures: illustrations and photography help to establish events in our minds by showing us what people and places look like. For the same reason, comics can be a great way to immerse the reader in these very real worlds, experiencing these very real events. Continue reading

Tesla’s Wonderful World of Electricity at The New York Hall of Science

Tesla Featured

The New York Hall of Science celebrates Tesla and his work in a new exhibit entitled Tesla’s Wonderful World of Electricity. The exhibit will run until October 10th and features models of his facilities and several of his inventions. Continue reading

16 Things Young Geeks Should Know About Internet Culture

Internet Things To Know

A big part of being a geek includes understanding the shared culture we experience when working with technology. Here are 16 things geeklets should know (but probably don’t) that can help form a base understanding of Internet Culture. Continue reading